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Our belief is that Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to survive and that our diet should not contain CRAP (poor Carbs, Refined sugars, Artificial sweeteners and colors, and Processed foods). Instead, we focus on the foods that humans have eaten for thousands of generations. You can't go wrong with mother nature.In this section we'll talk about things that we feel people need to know. From where to get started, to why certain foods are dangerous to us and all points in between. Diet and exercise. What is Paleo? What is Diabetes? Where do I start?Being overweight and out of shape is no fun. Being out of breath walking up a flight of stairs; not being able to bend over to tie your shoes; go hiking; playing with your children. These are just some of the struggles that people like us who are “morbidly” obese deal with every day – Things that ‘normal’ people take for granted every day.

Deann and I have struggled with our weight for years. We are now in our 40′s, and all that is about to change. This site chronicles our lives as we travel through our journey together.
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