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Official Posting by Dee!

Published on 03/07/2012 by in Deann

OK…all testing aside we’ll try to make this the first official posting on the Hello Healthy Me blog from my point of view.

So…what is my point of view?

I just turned 44, I’m a mom of twins, and I’ve been tipping the scales bordering morbidly obese by those weight chart standards for better than a decade. I’ve been technically overweight for nearly 2….decades. I’ve been fortuante so far to only get the stern looks and lectures from my doctor on my annual treks to his office. I still have perfect blood pressure, sugar levels are within normal tolerances along with the thyroid. I have caffeine and sugar addictions. Caffeine is partially under control as I’ve cut it down to only one cup in the morning. Two on the weekend if I can get away with it. However I still prefer sugar in my coffee rather than Splenda. But at least I use raw sugar rather than refined white sugar right?? **cough cough** I don’t like gyms, and easily talk myself out of the simplest exercise…like walking.

Two years ago I managed to get my weight down to under 210…how? Good question! I didn’t follow any diet plans, but walked a lot with work. I actually didn’t TRY walking for fitness until I’d gotten into the 220’s and Spring arrived. Then I’d take the dogs for a daily walk for about 3-5 km. Weekends often brought longer walks and a 10k walk was a drop in the bucket. Today…I’ve ballooned back up to a pants-stretching 246. Two weeks ago I did official weigh in and measurements. Then gained a lb a week later. This week, dropped that lb back off..so starting at square one. Every night I go to bed thinking “get your butt out of bed at 6:30 and just STRETCH…do something to try and feel better”. Then 6:30 arrives and all I want to do is hit that snooze button again…so tired. Weekends I can sleep to 10 am and think nothing of it. So…what is going to motivate me this time? I can sit here and tell you oh I do this for my kids…for my hubby, for everyone but me….where do I fit into the picture? Don’t I want to feel better…sure who doesn’t?  I know I’d feel a lot better without my back aching, feet screaming at me, and joints stiffened up. What about the vanity route…don’t I want to look better? Sure…but for who? For Ian? To him, I think it matters less than to others out there..in public. It’s not like I’m trying to attract anyone’s attention. It’s funny….when I was 210, I LOVED being outside…running around. I couldn’t get enough of it. Today…shut the door on your way out please. I’ve nearly gone agoraphobic on the family. Hardly fair to them. The ONLY valid reason that I can think of to drop some of this excess weight is I want to help my kids raise their kids. Ian feels the same way. Pop on over to his blog and he’ll tell you all about his struggles with is diabetes. What makes me saddest of all…is he keeps asking me to help him…problem is..I can’t even help myself. So, how do I motivate him when all I want to do is hit the snooze button again until I HAVE to get up otherwise I don’t get to shower before work.

Step one…refine the eating habits. Other than the really stupid box of cookies “for the kids”…I’ve been doing VERY well with this bit. A friend is a Visalus distributor, so I agreed to try their products for 90 days and see if this might get me kickstarted. I KNOW…once I start seeing some results in a positive light…I’ll be hellfire and brimstone and kicking it up. So that covers 2 meals a day. What about dinner? That’s being watched too. As we’ve had to drastically change our habits for Ian’s diabetes, I’ve been a bit more conscience of what I cook and feed myself and the family. These steps were NOT taken as little as a few weeks ago. I’m also trying a supplement Dr. Oz recommends for those of us that carry the extra belly fat..it’s called CLA and can be found at health food stores. I found it at Whole Foods.

Step two. Every day try to get motivated to go for a short walk or fire up the Wii or something.

Step three. Document as much as I can along the way. The ups, the downs (hopefully just the waist line for those!), and giving a realistic view of what life is like for an overweight ginger haired mom of twins also trying to move a career along. There will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be aches, pains, and an uncensored moment along the way for sure. But this is life…last time I looked, it’s pretty darn messy.

So join us. “it’s goan to be a bumpy ride”

Mar 7, 2012 weight: 246



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