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Definition of “Results”

Published on 04/04/2012 by in Deann

If you plug this word into the search parameter spot on your dictionary website of choice, you might get something like this:

“something that happens as a consequence; outcome.”

Makes sense to me…yet it seems to me that very few people seem to interpret “results” in the same manner.

Or perhaps the right question isn’t being asked in order to obtain the data to get results.

OK, so I ask the question…how do you measure improved health and wellness over 2-3 weeks of a small adjustment to a lifestyle change?

Do you use a scale? A measuring tape? Your handy camera on your cell phone or tablet of choice?

Or do get “results” by the fact that you are sleeping better, a little less tired in the morning. Have less gas. In better spirits and your mood is “better” all around. Or even better yet…have NORMAL blood glucose readings more often than not…or even taking a 1/3 to 1/2 the insulin shots you were taking a mere 3 weeks ago? I don’t know about you, but I call that POSITIVE results that might not be measured by a scale. I say this is a REAL result of making a small adjustment to the food you eat every day. A small change…cut out grains and dairy. To a diabetic…3 weeks later having normal readings and taking a 1/3 to 1/2 of the insulin he used to take. Results…and results I’m damned proud to say my husband has achieved.

Just had to throw that out there for him.

OK…so, going to talk a little about Paleo eating. I’m not going to drudge on as I’ve only been following the changes about 2 weeks now and there are DOZENS of other experts out there that can give you details. In a short word, what is Paleo eating? Welp, step into your “way back” machine and go more than 10,ooo years in the past and eat what you find. That is Paleo eating. If it has/had a face, you shall eat it. If it grows from the ground via leaves, vines, branches..you shall eat it. If it was created from some lab or squished through a mill or manipulated by man’s hands…you shall NOT eat it. It’s pretty darn simple. For more specifics, Robbwolf.com is a good jumping off point or just Google Paleo Diet and start reading. See above for what kind of “results” you can likely expect from the lack of grains, gluten, diary. I’m still on the fence about dairy…sorry Robb but I likes a sprinkle of cheddar on my taco salads and cream in my morning caffeine.

Personally, I do feel better. Less bloated, less gas from either end. My mood and concentration have improved a bit. I’ve certainly slept better…now if I could just back the hell away from blogging and Top Gear at night and get some rack, I’d actually be able to get in those 9 hour sleeps ^_^. Sorry again Robb. But these little changes have worked for me. Sanity and paying attention to ones own body chemistry works. If anything, for these little “results” make a HUGE bit of difference in quality of life.

Apr 1 2012: 243 (yes…a LOSS)



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