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Getting used to this whole “Paleo” thing

Published on 04/23/2012 by in Deann

Actually, I’m not finding it all that difficult as long as I’m well prepared. Those quick snacks and stuff for kids lunches are really about the only things I have trouble with. They are resisting as well…I expected as much given how much bread and pasta they have been given. We’ll just have to keep charging forward and sooner or later they will grow to accept we are no longer having sugary cereals, mac and cheese, cookies, crackers and the like in the house.

Haven’t even thought for a moment about the whole fitness issue that goes along with the change in diet. I mean other than opening the door, getting the dogs, kids and hubby and going for a walk around the block. I’ll just say it now…I hate gyms….no…I take that back…LOATHE is more like it. Nothing like putting yourself on complete “looser” display. I NEVER get the feeling from any staff member or trainer I’ve talked to that they are there to help me work through my work out issues. They are there to make a buck. That’s it. “Hi how are you, check out this really super special one time offer deal JUST FOR YOU!!! Ya know what sweetie…here’s a sharp stick in your eye JUST FOR YOU!!!! I’d rather take my dogs for a walk around the neighbourhood, push my kids on swings, throw big rocks into a pond, race my daughter across a park. Except she can now beat me…she’s wicked fast. OK OK, I know some trainers out there are so fuming at me right now with the “we are not all like that! We want to help you! Come to my gym and help me prove it!” OK, I’ll give you that….maybe not all of you are only interested in making money for your gym. Bob Harper would probably slap me across the nose and I might even deserve it. I’ve been to a gym 3 times….all 3 times where less than optimal. One time I got talked into a membership by a friend of mine. I couldn’t go through the intro unless I signed up. Should have caught on…but it was fairly cheap and some classes where included. And like most gyms from what I understand you have to go through a couple of intro classes and an evaluation. Went to evaluation, and was pretty much told that I would get NOTHING out of the gym unless I hired a trainer and tripled my membership fees. Pardon? You mean that even though I went to this intro…and you’ve sort of taught me how to use the circuit training, I have to hire a trainer? I dunno…maybe I miss-understood the gym owner…but I didn’t go back. Gym is now closed BTW. Ian has talked about the possibility of forking over some cash for a gym that we can both feel comfortable in. I will not completely snub my nose at it and put aside my apprehension if it helps him.

2 more people at work have told me I’m completely off my rocker and “how do you LIVE??” This makes me laugh, and I answer…I actually live very well now pretty much pain free thank you. Now I need a pair of Vibrams hehehe.


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