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Vibrams, long walks and new gadgetry

Published on 05/08/2012 by in Deann

Well, I did it…I talked Ian into letting me get some Vibram shoes.














In a word…LOVE! They are freakin’ comfy, freakin’ practical, and boy do I get some weird looks HAHA. After a few days of wearing them for a few hours doing errands, a few walks around the block and such, my feet and legs didn’t really hurt. I spend my summers either barefoot or wearing my Teva’s (which I love too) so really, I didn’t have much of a “transition” period. I’ve really noticed a difference in my posture and the muscles in my feet and calves really stretching out. Kinda nice actually.  I just wish we could  have gotten Ian a pair as well, but his feet are far too wide to actually go INTO the shoe. Apparently New Balance makes minimalist shoes as well, so we’ll have to check it out for him. If anyone out there knows of some good footwear that will fit a 5-6 E foot…let us know!

Vibrams working out so well that I embarked on a 5K walk with a few of my co-workers for a fundraiser for Kids Help Phone. This organization is a 24/7 365 day a year phone line for kids to call if they need someone to talk to, and feel they can’t talk to their family, friends, teachers or counselors. Our team pulled together just over $1600 for the organization. Good job by all, and it was a lovely sunny spring day. Got lots of vitamin D ^_^.

Of course we felt the need to expand on our Paleo menu by acquiring both a pressure cooker and a dehydrator. Say hellooooooo to some lovely roasts, jerky, and fruit leathers for the kids. I’ll post some recipes once I get them perfected and to my liking. I’ve been getting some really nice pulled pork out of the slow cooker. Never seems to last very long though.

Also this week, we’ve embarked on fermenting different foods. First up, kim chi and kombucha. Kim chi being fermented cabbage and kombucha fermented tea. Both were done on Sunday, the kim chi was ready to eat yesterday, and I think Ian liked it, however it was so hot he was sweating more than enjoying it. So, next batch, less chili paste. Live and learn. It’ll be another week or more before the kombucha is ready. It’s happily fermenting in a corner of the living room. I’ll keep everyone posted on how that comes along.

And for my progress I’ve notice my pants fitting a little looser, the scale doesn’t exactly reflect it, but you know what…the point of these changes isn’t only the numbers on a scale or a pants size. It’s all about getting our lives back not only for ourselves, but for our kids. I want those long walks in the woods with the kids on the weekends…and the camping and PLAYING. Not so easy to do that at 240+ lbs and a size 18. It freakin’ hurts. It’s a journey of a lifetime….can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner.

May 7: 241



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