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Another reason to wear Vibrams

Published on 05/23/2012 by in Deann

OK, another shameless endorsment by me for Vibrams. For approximately two or three weeks I’ve been wearing my new Vibram barefoot shoes just about everywhere.

Best shoes EVER













Well, today I had to keep the Vibrams at home in order and opt for my more conventional (and social acceptable in the Business Sector) footwear so I laced up my Nike Shox. I almost regret it. My knees, ankles, and hips are down right painful. I know damn good and well thanks to the funky wear pattern on my Nikes, my gait was off and is resulting in pain. So, back to the Vibrams in the morning. And for those up coming meetings…I’ll have to think of something else. There are many other “barefoot” or “minimalist” shoes out there, but I have Vibrams, and I love them. It didn’t take very long for me at all to really get used to them. I go barefoot when possible and in Summer I wear Teva sandals as well, so I didn’t experience the often noted pains while the muscles in my feet got used to working.  Being able to feel the ground under your feet so helps out with balance and posture.  You don’t have to be a runner to benefit from these types of shoes. I don’t really care how “weird” they look.


So, how has the whole Paleo schtick been going? Pretty good actually. Still feelin’ pretty good…still able to stick with it for the most part. We still have that 10% that falls out of most Paleo plans….such as sushi and me being polite when my boss buys coffees for the team (I’ll just take the double double thanks). But I do my best to stick to that 85%-90% real food intake. As I’ve already been through the more immediate changes (a bit more energy etc) it’s just steady on for the rest of my days. I’ve been keeping my carb intake on the low side as I have nearly 100 lbs to shed….but I don’t go nuts. We’ll have yams once or twice a week and I’ll usually have 1 or 2 pieces of fruit a day with my lunches. It’s something I can live with and I think that’s more important than being a size 6 by July.

I guess I’ve lost just enough weight where my face has thinned out just a bit. So I get the “so what are you DOING???” I answer: “I’m eating real food and nothing from a box”. And then the blank stares begin. Or I get the “how can you survive”…or even better yet…”you don’t make your kids eat that way do you”?? Matter of fact…I DO. They are about 80% as they get some pizza from school once a week, cheese and their gran will often give them toast with their breakfasts when they have sleep overs. I made the decision to be a bit more lenient for them as treats…but encourage them to make better choices for those treats. IE: sushi over deep fried pogos and onion rings. My kids’ moods are better, their attention spans are longer, they are generally happier since their menu has changed. So yea, I make them eat their fresh veggies ^_^.

We’ve been experimenting a lot with different foods and fermentation. I’ve got my 2nd batch of  kombucha happily brewing away. We’ve made pickles, jerky, and kimchi. My gut sure has been happy.

Now just to get that sleep and stress thing nailed down….matter of fact, I’m going to go work on that sleep thing right now.


May 20: 240




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