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Self Experimentation or stop being so damn polite

Published on 06/07/2012 by in Deann

OK, we’ve been on this Paleo schtick for a while, and while I have not been dropping bucket loads of weight, I HAVE been feeling much better and my body is “normalizing” as it where. Much like many of you other Paleo/Primal folks out there I was faced with corporate lunch with clients and forgot to tell the folks responsible for the nosh that I shouldn’t be touching the grains. So, some rather lovely panini’s arrived and like a polite and starving little soul I am, I partook in the company provided lunch. Two days later and I ALMOST feel somewhat normal. Note to self: upon the news that office will buy lunch, remind them to provide a salad or two.

So…at this point I think it’s not worth my time to even attempt any “self experimentation”. Much like Robb Wolf would say “try it for 30 days, re-introduce and see how you do”. I say…screw that…stay on it, don’t come off and if you goof up like I did…I feel for you and I know I will do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Uggghhh…

So, other than wrecking my intestinal tract for a while, things have been going fairly well. We’ve been having fun with fermenting foods. 3 barrels of Kombucha are happily brewing away today. Sooner or later I’m going to have to start giving away my cultures. We’ve made kim chi, pickles (which the kids LOVE), sauerkraut. My dehydrator is getting a work out with jerky and fruit leathers. The pressure cooker does a fantastic job on the bone broths. Just wish they’d last longer than a day haha. Now that the farmer’s markets are opening again, we’ll be able to get free range eggs, butter and local fruits and veggies. Yummy yummy.

The only thing I’m really having trouble nailing down is the sleep issue. We are usually in bed between 10:30-11:00 and my alarm fires up at 6:15. I still hit the damn snooze button two or three times before rolling out of bed and thinking really hard about crawling back in for just 5 more minutes. Now I’d bet you’d tell me….go to bed earlier. You know what I agree….and here I’m running late.


Weight on June 7: 235



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