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Set backs, CrossFit, and Status Quo

Published on 07/18/2012 by in Deann

I realize that it’s been far too long since either of us have updated our blogs. I won’t bother to dispense
with the bullshit excuses and “we are BUSY!” reasoning. Summer and life are like that. So, what has
been going on with our Paleo journey?

Some setbacks. Yes, there have been a few times over the last while where I’ve bent to the peer
pressure of not wanting to cause a fuss and just ate the damn burger anyway. Bun and all. Yes I’ve
felt like hammered crap for a day or two after…and I dealt with it. Do I try my very best to avoid those
buns? Of course. I still turn my nose up at the sweet treats that my workmates still insist on bringing
(frankly the smell of those treats is rather nauseating). But there are times it’s pretty damn difficult to
turn away that freezie pop in this 90+F weather with a bunked A/C. Have I noticed a change? A little.
Yes the scale indicates a little loss, and I notice some of my clothes are a LOT looser than 12 lbs might
indicate…but progress is slow. I feel a lot better than I did months ago. Sure when I have those little
modern convenience setbacks I feel like hammered crap for a few days, but luckily, I’ve recovered fairly
quickly and can carry on just fine. I’ve also been a bit of a stress mess over the last month or so. Work
mostly. I can’t just throw a switch and turn it off at 5pm. It DOES follow me home sometimes and well
into the night.

Some advances. Ian came across a coupon for introduction classes for a CrossFit gym here in Burlington.
A friend of ours had been a regular visitor to the gym and highly recommended them. So…we cashed
in our vouchers and signed up for the beginner CrossFit 101 program. It consists of going 3 times a
week for 2 weeks (6 sessions) and then 4 more sessions in the “intermediate” group over the course
of the following 2 weeks. Day one, ouch. Day two, double ouch. I think I can finally walk now ^_^.

Unfortunately, due to those injuries, we have collectively decided to put CrossFit on hiatus.

We are not ready for that intensity….yet. I remain hopeful that soon, I WILL be ready for it and kick ass.

So maintains the status quo. I’ve promised at least one recipe that I’m going to try and get posted very
soon, so look for that.

July 18: I’ve relieved the scale of it’s duties

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